Yisro – Hearing the Music

This weeks Parsha begins with the Pasuk, "Vayishma Yisro... And Yisro heard."(18:1). What was it that Yisro heard? Rashi said he heard of Kriyas Yam Suf. Yet, the question still…

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Vayeshev – A fish out of water

During the times of Rabbi Akiva the Evil Roman Government decreed that it was forbidden for Jews to learn Torah. Rav Pappus ben Yehuda found Rabbi Akiva organizing shiurim and…

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Parshas Noach – Entering to Exit

It seems like the world had a good first couple of days, and then, early Friday morning Adam and Chava ate from the Eitz Hadas. This was the beginning to…

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Devarim 5777

We, together, are in Galus. And although we are lucky in our day and age that our experience with anti-Semitism is usually words published online and written on signs in…

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