Bamidbar – Even in the desert

We most often hear a person “bench Gomel” when they return from an overseas trip, but according to the Gemara (Brachos 54b) we don’t only bench Gomel when we survive an international flight in coach, a person is obligated to bench Gomel if they were gravely ill and were healed, imprisoned and freed, or survived...
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Behar Bechukosai – Expansion into our life

Parhsas Bechukosai starts off with the pasuk, “Im Bechukosai Tailechu – If you follow My laws, guard My commandments and observe them.”(26:3) Rashi explains that this means to toil in Torah. The dictionary definition of Toil is; “long strenuous fatiguing labor”. Ah, so we may assume our reward for such intense devotion for Torah is...
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