Korach – Who is “you”

In May of 1810 a fire broke out in the town of Breslov. After the flames were extinguished Rebbe Nachman and a few of his students journeyed through the rubble that once was the town square. Rebbe Nachman himself lost his house in this fire and for this reason he moved to Uman where he...
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Naso – Out of many, One

Marriage is such a Holy thing, but first you must find your soul mate. The Gemara in Sotah (2a) tells us that, “Finding your soul mate is as difficult as splitting the Yam Suf”, it’s odd that finding a wife is compared to splitting the sea since marriage is all about the importance of unity....
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Bamidbar – Even in the Desert

We most often hear a person “bench Gomel” when they return from an overseas trip, but according to the Gemara (Brachos 54b) we don’t only bench Gomel when we survive an international flight in coach, a person is obligated to bench Gomel if they were gravely ill and were healed, imprisoned and freed, or survived...
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