Korach – Who is “you”

In May of 1810 a fire broke out in the town of Breslov. After the flames were extinguished Rebbe Nachman and a few of his students journeyed through the rubble that once was the town square. Rebbe Nachman himself lost his house in this fire and for this reason he moved to Uman where he...
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Jalapeno Matjes Herring

This flavorful herring was inspired by Lelov (Leh-Love). Rav Dovid of Lelov (1746-1814) was the first Rebbe of this holy Chassidus. He was born in Biala, Poland and was a student of the great Chozeh M’Lublin. The Chozeh said about Rav Dovid: “He is the foundation of all the tzaddikim and all the leaders of the Chasidic...
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