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  • Solo Kiddush Package ™ $6$7

    Whether you are making a social distanced event or just want a quick bite of herring for one, this Solo Kiddush Cup is for you!

    Package Includes:

    • Single Serving Herring or Smoked Fish of your choice
    • Kichel
    • Mint
    • Mini Folding Spork
  • Shtiebel Kiddush Package $25

    This Kiddush Package is sure to be a hit at the after shul Kiddush or at home on your Shabbos Table! Including two delicious herrings of your choice and a Kichel of your choice you can be sure everyone will enjoy! Freshen up after Kiddush with the included Rebbe Mints and pass out some Rebbe stickers to spread The Rebbe’s Choice Love!

  • Kiddush Sampler Pack $70


    • 3oz Norwegian Smoked Salmon
    • 3oz Pastrami Smoked Salmon
    • Six Herrings of your choice
    • Two Packages of The Rebbe’s Choice Flatbread Kichel
  • Variety Kiddush Box $90

    If you are looking to please the crowd, look no further than The Variety Kiddush Box from The Rebbe’s Choice! Including all of our best sellers this package has something for those with a herring habit, the pickle people, and of course Kichel Crunchers!

    Package Includes:

    • Four Best Selling Herrings
    • Choice of Pickles
    • Smoked Norwegian Salmon
    • Smoked Whitefish Salad
    • Sauerkraut with Carrots & Garlic
    • Flatbread Kichel
    • Whole Wheat Kichel
    • Rebbe Stickers & Mints
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    Lots of Lox Package $48

    If you love Lox this is the Package for you!


    • 12oz of our real Norwegian smoked Salmon (4 3oz Packages)
    • 12oz of our Pastrami Smoked Salmon (4 3oz Packages)
    • The Rebbe’s Choice Mints
    • The Rebbe’s Choice Stickers

    Our Smoked Salmon comes in resealable bags keeping your smoked salmon fresh and delicious.

    Out of stock

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    Subscribe & Save - Home Kiddush Package

    Subscribe and save on your Kiddush Pack! You will receive one Kiddush package each week, renewed automatically.


    • Two Herrings of your choice
    • One Package of The Rebbe’s Choice Flatbread Kichel
    • The Rebbe’s Choice Mints
    • The Rebbe’s Choice Stickers
  • Shtetl Bundle $42

    The Shtetl Bundle is The Pekel you’ll want to pick up! With four herrings, one of each Kichel and Rebbe Stickers and Mints this Kiddush Package will be the talk of the whole Shtetl!

    Pick up this Kiddush Package and rejoice where Heimish meets high end.

  • Hot Sauce Triple Pack $27

    The perfect gift to fire up your loved ones! From the mild to extra hot this gift pack has something for everyone!


    Jalapeno Tomatillo Hot Sauce

    Garlic Cayenne Hot Sauce

    Mango Habanero Hot Sauce


    • Kof-K and Tartikov Kosher
    • Three 5oz Bottles
    • All Natural
  • The Rebbe's Choice Herring Board $75

    The Rebbe’s Choice brings you top quality herring and now with beautiful presentation. This herring board is sure to wow your guests or make a lasting gift impression.

    Delicious herring and smoked salmon comes on a real wood board with vegetables, olives, pickles and eggs.

    Dipping sauce included on the side.


  • Pantry Package $35

    Fill your pantry with the greatest products since sliced bread! With two packages of Original Flatbread Kichel, two packages of Whole Wheat Kichel and a selection of The Rebbe’s Choice Spices you can have a pantry that matches your fridge full of The Rebbe’s Choice Herring…


    • 2 Flatbread Kichel
    • 2 Whole Wheat Kichel
    • Signature Everything Bagel Spice
    • Maple Sugar and Spices
    • The Rebbe’s Roast Coffee Rub
    • Rebbe Stickers and Mints
  • #WomenWhoHerring Kiddush Collection $89

    Represent the #WomenWhoHerring Movement with this inredible Kiddush Package!


    • The #WomenWhoHerring Hat in Cotton Candy
    • Our three best selling Herrings
    • Flatbread Kichel
    • Whole Wheat Kichel
    • Grilled Olives with Rosemary and Sundried Tomatoes
    • Jalapeno Stuffed Olives
    • The Rebbe’s Roast Coffee Rub
    • Maple Sugar and Spice Rub
    • Signature Everything Bagel Spice
    • Rebbe Stickers and Mints
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