Pastrami Smoked Salmon

Pastrami Smoked Salmon

The Rebbe’s Choice Pastrami Smoked Salmon begins off the coast of Norway. With the freshest salmon in hand we begin curing our delicious lox with a signature blend of salts and pastrami spices, leading to the final step of a unique cold smoking process using Ash, Hickory and Cherry wood for a complex, peppery and savory smoked salmon. We never use artificial flavors, coloring or preservatives. We are dedicated to providing a nutritious and tasty Smoked Salmon to you!

You can find our Pastrami Smoked Salmon in 4oz. and 1lb. sizes in supermarkets near you.

Product Information:

Container Size: 4oz, 1lb, 3lb available upon request.

Ingredients: Norwegian salmon, Natural wood smoke, salt, sugar.

Allergy Information: Contains Fish.

Kashrus: OK Certified. K-ID: GPF-QJJD

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