The RebbeO-6218‘s Choice is the premium herring to put on your table. Starting from the freshest ingredients The Rebbe’s Choice will always taste amazing and wow you every time you take a bite. Each container is prepared in small batches to ensure the highest quality and consistency in taste. You’ve got to take a bite to believe it, this is the freshest, tastiest herring out there.

The Rebbe’s Choice began in 2014, in Israel, where I was for Yeshiva. I spent a shabbos up north iO-6231n Tzfat where I had a great homemade herring. I went over to the creator of this great herring and asked him how I could make something like this. He more than happily obliged to tell me his secret recipe; “First, you have to dance with the fish… then say Tikkun Haklali with the fish, after that sit down and say some Shemios Hatzadikim to the herring. If you can, go to the Mikvah before you prepare the fish…” I mean, the herring tasted good but this was, an interesting method to say the least. He continued, “When you spice the fish make sure to have the proper kavanos. After you finish making it make sure to learn with the herring, and say tehillim for it.” Quite the process…

Now, when I got back to Yeshiva I was excited to make herring, so the next Thursday I got busy making herring for my friends in Yeshiva, although I altered the original recipe I was given a bit, it came out great. Every following week I developed new techniques and acquired new ingredients that enhanced the herring experience. From there the Herring has become the favorite of many Yeshiva students and Rabbeim, it will soon be your favorite too.


Naftali Engel

 The Rebbe’s Choice is Certified Kosher by OK Kosher certification. Click here to view our Kosher certificates.

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